Original Food Cosmetics FOOD LINE-UP

black sugar

Contains rich minerals and black sugar! A smooth texture line for exfoliating and moisturizing at once

royal honey

Contains Royal Black Honey extract & Royal Jelly extract! An ultra-moisturizing line for radiance that makes skin smooth and moist as if honey was applied

premium tomato

Contains tomato extract! A moisturizing line that makes skin hydrated and vibrant

lettuce and cucumber

Contains lettuce extract, cucumber extract and cucumber water! A light and fresh moisturizing line that hydrates and soothes skin

fresh apple sparkling

Contains fresh apple extract! A pore care line that controls oily sebum and enlarged pores to generate smooth, tight pores like a baby's

gold caviar

Contains pure gold and luxurious caviar extract! A premium anti-wrinkle functional line that creates moist and firm skin

miracle food 10

Contains antioxidant oils extracted from 10 miracle foods! A miracle line that solves 10 skin problems in 10 days


Contains avocado extract, avocado oil and ceramide! An ultra-moisturizing skin care line that makes skin radiant and full of nutrients

black promegranate

Contains a unique extract of SKINFOOD found in black pomegranate! Black Pomegranate line that completes firm and real voluminous skin


Contains egg white extract! A pore & sebum control line to smoothe skin just like a soft boiled egg